Jun Mochizuki Art Works: Pandora Hearts ~Odds and Ends~

Jun Mochizuki Art Works: Pandora Hearts ~Odds and Ends~
Japanese text
168 pages
Right to left
Available on animebooks, Amazon Japan, YesAsia and ebay

What I think:
This is Jun Mochizuki’s official art book for Pandora Hearts, with a bonus section for Crimson Shell, another one of her works. As seen in the image above, the book comes with a nice black slipcase. I love how it frames the book itself. Unfortunately, I discarded my slipcase because I find it inconvenient when I have to constantly pull the book out to read, and put it back in when I’m done. ~Odds and Ends~ is packed with beautifully drawn and colored images, including official cover art of volumes 1-10. There are also rough sketches and cute drawings of Pandora Hearts characters as chibis. Most of the artwork comes along with an ambiance page next to it. Some may feel like this is a waste of space. I don’t have too much of a problem with it. The only complaint I have is that the binding is terrible. It’s a shame since the art is amazing. I handle my books carefully, but within days of getting ~Odds and Ends~, some pages have already started to fall out. Please take note of this and handle your copy with a lot of care. That aside, this is well worth the money and wait. Don’t miss out on this if you’re a fan of Pandora Hearts or Jun Mochizuki’s art style. I would love to give it all 4 Mickey paws, but I’ll have to deduce it by a half only because of the bad binding.

This book is somewhat rare and expensive. The cheapest price I managed to find was $35 on YesAsia. Usually it’s around $40-$50. Get it before it’s gone!

My rating: 3 ½ Mickey paws

An example of how the manga cover art is displayed in ~Odds and Ends~

-Sigh…- As you can see, be careful with handling this book. Fingerprints easily show up on the pages, and the binding is delicate. So far I have 3 sheets loose, and I’m simply trying to keep them tucked inside the book.

Ambiance pages, such as the page on the right, are frequent in this book.

Oz, Gilbert and the others being cute.

My favorite pages. I really do love the art style.

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TV Animation D.Gray-man Official Visual Collection: Clown Art

TV Animation D. Gray-man Official Visual Collection: Clown Art
Japanese text
Right to left
70 pages
Available on animebooks and ebay

What I think:
Don’t worry about the weird title. It’s simply a book on official D. Gray-man art from the anime. This art book is short at 70 pages. Still, it’s packed with great, colorful images from the DGM anime. If you’ve seen images of the openings and endings and official art online or elsewhere, then you might want to skip out on this and save money. This book starts off with one or two pages dedicated to characters of the main cast (Allen, Lavi, Lenalee and Kanda), followed by one or two pages of groups (Black Order, Noah). As I’ve said before, there are also plenty of still images from openings and endings of the show. Typical of Japanese art books, at the back (the left) are seiyu (voice actor) interviews. I can’t read Japanese, so unfortunately I have no idea what they’re saying. This DGM book also comes with autographs of the seiyus alongside pictures of the characters they play. That was a nice touch. To top it all off, this book comes with a double-sided poster and a card. Not bad for a swipe at $15. As far as I know, this is the only official DGM art book that has been published. I wish we could get more from this great anime.

My rating: 3 Mickey paws

Nice ensemble of Exorcists and Noah looking either really intense or just chill.

The Earl looking very creepy.

The Earl holding Noah plushies is just precious.

Cute 2-page Chibi bonus!

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The Format of My Reviews



This is my cat, Mickey. He will be helping me review movies, books, anime/manga, video games and art books. On a scale of 1 to 4 Mickey paws, 1 is the lowest and 4 is the highest. If something is especially terrible, it will be awarded 1 Mickey turd.

Anime/Manga, Books, Movies, TV Shows and Video Games
-What it’s about
(Spoiler-free summary)
-What I think
(My opinion)
-Should Christians read/watch/play this
(A special section detailing possible questionable content. I can’t make your decisions, so it’s up to you if you’re interested in what’s being reviewed based on things I mention in this section.)
-My rating
I will provide pictures as well

Art books
-What I think
-My rating
I will provide pictures as well

Well, that’s it. Let’s get reviewing!


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